ITA™, Structure Networks client-centric hiring methodology devoted to satisfying the needs of the customer while providing the candidate with the proper career path. In today’s market-driven economy, a successful hire is essential – nothing disrupts a team more than personnel fall-out. Our leading-edge hiring process helps to eliminate the bad hire and increases your ability to deliver a successful project – on time and on budget.

Talent acquisition requires a paradigm shift for all parties involved. It is critical that the client shifts from a “hiring mindset” to a “talent acquisition and retention” mindset. The candidate must shift their thinking from “job search” to providing a real value add. Finally the search firm has to shift its own thinking from “submitting candidates” to bringing greater market knowledge and service into the search process. The ITAdvantage hiring methodology results in a clear Hiring Case (the value-add of a successful hire) and a credible Career Case (the value add of the next career move). The result of the two cases taken together is the “Career Stabilization Zone”, resulting in a successful hire.