Structure Networks, Inc. was founded in early 2001 on a simple premise to build a regionally-based IT Staffing and Consulting company with true service at its heart. During the mid to late 1990’s, the IT Services industry went through a dramatic time of consolidation; large nationally-focused corporations swallowed up the region’s best and brightest IT Consulting and Staffing organizations. Companies that were managed and run by Information Technology experts were replaced locally by large “headcount and billing” obsessed behemoths. Gone were the days when the IT Services representative sitting across the desk from you actually knew what they were talking about. We set out to change that.

Our firm has a true understanding of the region it is servicing. In addition, every staff member has at least 10 years of industry experience (many of us are consultants, not sales people). We believe that for us to truly service your organization, we must have an understanding of what you are facing everyday. We make the effort to get to know your business and we will strive to prove that to you. That is our commitment to you, but more importantly, it is a commitment to ourselves.