Structure Networks is a proud sponsor and supporter of Cancer for College, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization which provides college scholarships to cancer survivors from all over the United States.

The charity was founded in 1993 by two-time cancer survivor and double amputee, Craig Pollard, while in his senior year at the University of Southern California Business School. For his senior project, Craig wrote a business plan on a charity which would provide financial aid to cancer survivors who aspired to attend college. That first year, Craig gathered some fraternity brothers and family friends to play golf and barbeque in his backyard, where they awarded one $500 scholarship. Seventeen years later, Craig’s vision has become a reality, as Cancer for College has been able to award almost $2M in scholarship funds since its inception.

Now with fundraising events in San Diego, Washington and Texas, Cancer for College continues to expand and build upon its humble beginnings. This year, the charity received over 1,000 applications from deserving young cancer survivors looking for financial assistance as they pursue their dreams of a college education. With an ever-increasing number of applications, Cancer for College is fortunate for every donation made to our cause in support of these amazing survivors.

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