Younger Professionals Are More Likely to Switch Jobs at a Rate Faster Than Ever Before

Younger Professionals Are More Likely to Switch Jobs at a Rate Faster Than Ever Before

October 11, 2018

Fortune, Rachel King

I think this article is spot-on. I have been in the staffing business since 1994 – one year before my oldest was born. She’s 23 now and fits right into the millennial/Gen Z demographic. In one of our staff meetings someone commented that a candidate that was being submitted to one of our longest-standing customers was “job-hoppy”. Now I can tell you I am no job-hopper. I started Structure Networks in 2001 and have quite literally been sitting in the same chair since Structure began (it’s time for a chair upgrade!). Before that, I was with Execusoft which was purchased by another firm for which I stayed until I founded my company. If you are keeping track, that’s 2 ½ firms in 24 years (I give the ½ to the acquiring firm – my roles changed over the years but the chair/office didn’t!). Now, the candidate from our morning meeting did, in fact, have quite a number of jobs; 5 over the last 6 years. But this individual was talented and had been consulting for some top-shelf companies, a few of which had hired her multiple times. Why the concern? Our instincts tell us that individuals who hop are less talented, less “sticky” and potentially a flight risk. But I ask you, when was the last time technologies have been introduced this rapidly? When was the last time we had this number of youthful workers joining the ranks? Money isn’t necessarily their motivator either; environment, opportunity, social causes and culture, all influence how these young professionals perceive the workplace and how they move from job to job. I say we need to tweak our ingrained perceptions and take a look at what an individual can bring to the table now and not necessarily worry about longevity. Our world is changing at a break-neck pace; I say grab the talent, create an environment where they can thrive and get the job done. The candidate from our morning meeting? She got the job.


Alex Salottolo – President, Structure Networks, Inc.


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